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Lately we see Tik Tok queues at touristic places worldwide. The reason for this are the posts on that platform, so tourist know the hotspots everywhere and form queues to visit them. In Amsterdam we see these days long lines in front of places where you can buy the best cheese, pancakes, fried and drugs. 

And you see the queues where the ferries go to Amsterdam North and backwards. Because, why spending 15 euro for a boring canal cruise with only old houses to look at, when you also can take the ferry to the most modern part of the city? For free!

There are seven different ferries to Amsterdam North, F1-F7. Most of them leave from behind the Central Station. The trip with the ferry to the Buiksloterweg (F3) only last four minutes, but the ferry to the NDSM (F4) last almost thirteen minutes and gives a fantastic view of the skyline of the city.

There is only one problem: the queues behind Central Station are rather chaotic. People in Amsterdam don’t show good manners and don’t form a nice line. On the contrary: they all want to be the first to enter the ferry and mostly they even don’t wait untill the passengers of the ferry have disembarked. In the worst case people even behave agressively to catch one of the few seats on the ferry.

But on the ferry the atmosphere is very relaxed. People watch their smartphones, or talk with eachother. Or just look around. Because most people in Holland speak English you can even have a chat with a local. And when you are lucky you can spot on the ferry well known actors, musicians and other artists who live in Amsterdam North. And when you are really very, very lucky you even can make a selfie with the famous writer Ruud van Dijk.

Ruud van Dijk

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